Conquest of Sol

A new play to earn video game on the Polygon (MATIC) ecosystem.  Going live in 2022.

Collect and Trade

The Game

Conquest of Sol will be an interactive card battler.  Players will all get a default in game deck of cards.  But you can purchase more cards and card packs via minting NFTs or buying and selling the NFT cards on the in game marketplace or on OpenSea.

There are plans for four main factions in the card set plus a fith rarer sub faction, as well as Ability cards to augment the battle rounds.  You will also be able to combine three cards in a mint process to increase their statistics and rarity.

United Sol Republic - Based on Earth but looking to rule the Sol Galaxy akin to the Roman Empire of old.

Mars Defense Force - This group has seperated from their Earth ancestors and are stiving for Independance.

Achakang Empire - A race of Lizard humaniods from a far off planet looking to conquer weaker races.

Androknight Protectorate - A sentient andriod race who subdued their creators to protect them from themselves.  Now they have left their homeworld and are looking for other humandiod races to save.


The game is being designed in Unity with the ship models being created in Blender.  The cards are built in using Gimp based on the in game models.